January 30th


How dumb can you get? Jenrry Mejia (what is a spelling of a name… wow) got caught taking PEDs not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. Once a key late inning reliever for the Mets, Mejia got caught for taking PEDs on three occasions. The last time resulting in a lifetime ban from the sport of baseball. The rule states that after two years from the ban, it can be revisited. Commissioner Rob Manfred called Mejia to meet with him personally to go over everything, and apparently Mejia got him to sign off on removing the ban. The Red Sox being in the state they are in, with no clear option for the late innings signed the lottery ticket to a minor league deal. This is after signing Zach Putnam, Erasmo Ramirez, Carson Smith, Domingo Tapia, and Ryan Weber. If you get enough lottery tickets you are bound it win on at least one right?? Right…? Right….. 😦 Without any big signees yet, the Red Sox either know something we don’t, or are putting all their eggs in that basket. Scary.


Jimmy Rollins has accepted the role as a Special Advisor to the Phillies. After being drafted by and playing for the Phillies from 2000-2014, and winning a title: MVP, 4 Gold Gloves, and a silver slugger with them as well. He will be a great voice in the front office, as well as helping the team get back to the playoffs. Philidelphia fell off a cliff in the second half last year going from leading the NL East to landing below .500 and in third place.


Known for the perm and stringy beard, World Series champion Jerrod “Salty” Saltalamacchia has calls it a career. After only 7 ABs in 2018 with no hits and only a walk, he is moving on to the next venture. Once a key piece for the 2013 Red Sox World Series team, he has not had regular playing time since 2016 with the Tigers, and not been worth more than 1 WAR since 2014 with the Marlins.

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