February 5th

Photo by Sporting News


Carlos Correa

Shortstop Carlos Correa has won his Arbitration case against the Astros. Correa will receive the $5MM as he had submitted instead of the $4.25MM the team did. The 2015 Rookie of the Year award winner has had some monster seasons offensively from the shortstop position, but the past two seasons he has been plagued with injuries. With the definite upside, he just needs to stay on the field and he could easily triple his earnings next year.

Tommy Pham

Outfielder Tommy Pham also has won his arbitration case. After the Rays had submitted a figure of $3.5MM, Pham had $4.1MM in mind. It looks that the arbitrator sided with Pham. Keeping in mind that this is Pham’s first of three arb years, it might not look like much, but year two and three both are based off of the year previous: meaning that the more he makes in the first year, can substantially add to his next two arb years.


Rule Changes

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic has released a new article releasing the negotiations between the Players’ Union and MLB on the various rule changes. Some of which are making pitchers have a 3 batter minimum, DH for both leagues, pitch clock and even lowering the mound. If you do not subscribe to The Athletic, (you should, but if you don’t) here is another source who talks about the potential changes: Jeff Passon’s article

J.T. Realmuto

The Phillies are apparently back in the mix for the catcher, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports. After going back and forth all offseason, it appears as though the Phillies aren’t wanting to wait around for the Machado/Harper sweepstakes to end to make a splash. It is now February, pitcher and catchers report in a week. If Miami is looking to get the most after the sought after player, they should move quickly.


Curtis Granderson

The Grandy man is looking to make an impact in Miami this year! The Marlins have signed Granderson to a minor league deal with a major league invite. With a $1.75MM paycheck if he makes the majors, he also has $250K in possible incentives. At 38, Granderson still held his bat well earning a 116 wRC+ in 2018. While it is looking like his defense has declined, it is still quite the pickup for the Marlins if he has some left in the tank.

Brandon Guyer

The White Sox have signed a minor league deal with Brandon Guyer with a major league Spring Training invite. Guyer is hoping to earn a spot on the roster since being not so great the past 2 years. Still a lefty smasher, his overall wRC+ the past two years is a average of 71. Regarded as a below average defensive OF, his glove isn’t what is keeping him on rosters.

Drew Butera

Vet catcher Drew Butera has signed with the Philadelphia Phillies on a minor league deal with a Spring Training Invite. While he does have $1.3MM riding on making the Majors, his reputation of being good with pitching staffs only can take you so far. Only batting to a 56 wRC+ over the past two years, that is hard to swallow when even his defense is looking on the downswing.

Danny Barnes

The Toronto Blue Jays have announced that reliever Danny Barnes has been outrighted to AAA and cleared waivers. He will be in Major League Spring Training as a non-roster invitee though. Barnes was the odd man out when the Jays signed Freddy Galvis last week.

Pat Dean

After spending the past two season in Korea pitching for the Kia Tigers, Pat Dean posted on instagram that he is back to America with the Minnesota Twins. After making his major league debut with them in 2016, but had a did not have the smoothest of rookie seasons. Dean was hit to the tune of a 6.28 ERA over 67.1 IP.

Jake Barrett

The San Francisco Giants have announced getting Jake Barrett from the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks had DFA’d him last week. The righty is looking to compete for a chance at the Giant bullpen after losing his job in Arizona.

John Andreoli

In the corresponding move to acquiring Jake Barrett, John Andreoli was on the other side, meaning he was DFA’d to create the room on the 40 man roster. While there is a chance he can still be playing in San Fran this upcoming year, he will have to Clear the waiver system to do so. This is the third time this year Andreoli has been DFA’d.

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