February 18th


Bruce Bochy – Retirement Annoucement

“Giants manager Bruce Bochy announced today that he will retire at the end of the 2019 season (Twitter link). Baseball’s longest-tenured skipper, Bochy is entering his 13th season as the Giants’ manager. In that time, he’s overseen three World Series championships (2010, 2012 and 2014) and helped guide the Giants to a 979-965 record.

A surefire Hall of Famer, the 2019 season will be Bochy’s 25th as a Major League manager, as he also previously enjoyed a 12-year run at the helm for the Padres. The 63-year-old surprisingly only took home one NL Manager of the Year title in those 24 seasons (1996 with the Padres), but his track record is among the most impressive of any manager in the past three decades. As MLB.com’s Jon Morosi points out, Bochy is one of only 10 managers to win three World Series titles, and the other nine are in the Hall of Fame (Twitter link).” – Steve Adams, MLBTR

Mike Moustakas – Update

While we reported yesterday that with the Moustakas signing, that Travis Shaw would be the one moving to second, Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal tweeted that the Brewers would be trying Mike out at 2B in spring training to see if he can handle the position. Shaw is a plus defender, while Moustakas is just about average.

Adeiny Hechavarria – Update

In yesterday’s signing post, we had not known about the contract terms of the deal. Today, Ken Davidoff of the New York Post tweeted us the details.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 9.33.35 PM.png

“If Adeiny Hechavarria makes the , he’ll earn a $3-million salary, with $1-million bonuses for 100 days and then 150 days on the active roster.” – Ken Davidoff, NY Post



Stat of the Day – Launch Angle

Launch Angle represents the vertical angle at which the ball leaves a player’s bat after being struck. Average Launch Angle (aLA) is calculated by dividing the sum of all Launch Angles by all Batted Ball Events.

As a guideline, here are the Launch Angles for different types of contact:

  • Ground ball: Less than 10 degrees
  • Line drive: 10-25 degrees
  • Fly ball: 25-50 degrees
  • Pop up: Greater than 50 degrees

Hitters can be evaluated by their average Launch Angle, but the tool is generally more valuable in discussing pitchers. In the case of pitchers, the statistic is referred to as “average Launch Angle Against” (aLAA), and it does a good job of telling us what type of pitcher is on the mound. Is he a fly-ball pitcher? Is he a ground-ball pitcher? Average Launch Angle Against attempts to answer those questions.

Generally, pitchers who can limit their Launch Angle Against (keeping the ball on the ground) are more successful, because they are the most adept at avoiding home runs and extra-base hits, which come almost exclusively via fly balls and line drives.

Average Launch Angle tells us about the tendencies of hitters, too — with a high average Launch Angle indicating a fly-ball hitter, and a low average Launch Angle indicating a ground-ball hitter. On average, fly-ball hitters generally drive in more runs than ground-ball hitters.

TLDR: The angle the ball comes off the bat. There is a sweet spot between 26 and 30 degrees.



Photo Header Credit – Chicago Tribune

Stat of the Day Curtesy by: BaseballSavant.com

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