Bryce Harper has signed a 13 year – $330MM deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. Wow. Thats the first word I have for this. The Phillies were always the frontrunner for him, and got their man. It looks like the White Sox are the odd men out, missing out on both Harper and Machado.

Harper was the best player in the Free Agent class this year, with just stunning numbers, and being so young. At only 26, he was just a teenager when he first came up to the bigs. With a .279/.388/.512 slash line, and amassing 30.7 WAR already. His amazing 2015 campaign still is the season that people look back on as his ceiling: 9.7 WAR, 197 wRC+, with an out of this world .461 wOBA.

This breaks the record for the largest contract in American history: breaking the $325MM deal that Giancarlo Staton got. With no opt outs, and a full no trade clause, Harper is looking to be a Phillie for the rest of his career. He will be 39 when this deal is up.

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