February 28th

Bryce Harper – Signed

Okay guys I promise. This is the last time i’ll post about him. Maybe, just until he does something really cool. Jeff Passan of ESPN has tweeted that the Phillies owner’s private jet has been seen back in Vegas, his guess is to shuttle him to his physical to make it official.

13 years…. $330 million…. wow.

Clay Buchholz – Signed

The Toronto Blue Jays has come to an agreement with right hander Clay Buchholz. After spending parts of 2018 with the Diamondbacks, he posted great (3.47 FIP, 2.01 ERA) numbers, but as always: he got hurt. The Diamondbacks had to shut him down mid September for a “flexor mass strain.” Buchholz can be a great pitcher no deniably, but the question is always if he can stay on the field.

Bud Norris – Signed

The Blue Jays have been busy today: signing two starters. The Jays have also signed veteran righty Bud Norris. After being a starter most of his career, in 2018 the Cardinals used him a a closer most the time. Having a sub 4 FIP, earned him another chance. While it is a minor league deal, if he makes the team he has $3MM with $1.25 in incentives.

Stat of the Day – LIPS

[Late-inning pressure situations are defined as any at-bat in the seventh inning or later where the batter’s team trails by three runs or fewer, is tied or is ahead by only one run. If the bases are loaded and the batting team trails by four runs, this also counts as a late-inning pressure situation.

There is much debate among people within baseball regarding “clutchness” and how to determine whether certain hitters or pitchers are clutch. LIPS is one way of doing so, although it can be highly unreliable because the sample sizes are often small, and because not all late-inning pressure situations are equal when it comes to determining how clutch a player is.

LIPS was developed by the Elias Sports Bureau in 1985 in an attempt to answer the question, “Do clutch hitters exist?”] – MLB.com

Header Photo Curtesy by SI.com

Stat of the Day Curtesy of MLB.com

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