March 2nd

Mike Trout – Extension Rumors

Today some rumors have surfaced that the Angels are considering offering Mike Trout a 10-year, $350MM extension. Ken Rosenthal ($$ Link) talks about how they would apply the extension after his current deal, so it would go from his age 29 to 38 seasons. While we just saw Harper getting $330MM, and Machado getting $300MM, Trout is the significantly better player. This recent article from Jeff Sullivan (link), now hired by the Tampa Bay Rays, illustrates how good Trout is. The title of the article is “Mike Trout Has Been as Good as Manny Machado and Bryce Harper Combined”.

Craig Kimbrel – Rumor

“Though even the biggest-spending MLB franchises routinely bow out of a tit for tat vis-á-vis high-impact rival moves, it appears the Nationals, who Thursday lost star OF Bryce Harper to the hard-charging Phillies, may be poised to strike the next blow. The team has “maintained interest” in free agent reliever Craig Kimbrelper Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, who notes that the club “might be willing” to dish out a long-term deal for the righty.” – Ty Bradley, MLBTR

Carlos Gomez – Signed

“The Mets have reportedly struck a deal with free agent outfielder Carlos Gomez. The @BigDaveRants account first tweeted the news, which has been confirmed since by several reports. It’s said to be a minor-league pact, pending a physical. Memorably, Gomez nearly became a member of the Mets in the summer of 2015. At the time, he was a star center fielder and the New York club was readying for a stretch run at the postseason. The deal was all but done before things fell apart.

The undoing of that swap created huge ripples still being felt. Gomez ended up being swapped instead to the Astros in a deal that worked out terribly for Houston but didn’t prevent the club from finding its own successes. That trade helped spur the Brewers’ recent resurgence.” – Jeff Todd, MLBTR

MLBTR: Minor League Roundup

Stat of the Day – TZ / TZL

Total Zone with Location Data (TZL) is an improved version of TZ that Sean Smith developed in 2010. You can read about all its details here, but in short, it uses Gameday hit location data to make its calculations more accurate.:

Context: Like UZR and DRS, TotalZone and TotalZone with Location Data are both presented as “Runs Saved”. League-average is zero, while positive scores represent above-average fielding and negative scores denote below-average fielding.

TZ and TZL are both good metrics, although UZR and DRS are still considered the more accurate fielding metrics. However, UZR and DRS can only be calculated for modern-day players due to technology constraints, so TZ is the best historical fielding statistic available. If you want to compare a modern day player’s fielding with a player from the 1940s, TZ would be the statistic to use.

TLDR: TZ and TZL are both fielding stats. 0 is average, +15 would be excellent, and -15 is awful. UZR and DRS are more accurate.

Stat of the Day curtesy of Fangraphs

Header Photo Curtesy of USA Today

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