March 9th

Martin Maldonado – Signed

Veteran catcher Martin Maldonado has signed a one year deal with the royals. It looks to be the insurance move with the loss of Salvador Perez. He will earn $2.5MM with $1.4MM in incentives.

This union was destined ever since the Royals lost starter Salvador Perez for the season to Tommy John surgery. The Royals were left with only Cam Gallagher and Meibrys Viloria atop their depth chart, which easily would have been the most inexperienced duo in the league. The Maldonado signing likely gives Viloria more time to season in the minors, as he had not appeared above High-A before getting 29 plate appearances with the Royals last season.
While Maldonado has a good chance of becoming a trade chip before the end of July – he’s a good one, one of the most accomplished defensive backstops in the game, and he should help buoy a young Royals staff.

TC Zencka, MLBTR

Stat of the Day – SIERA

SIERA quantifies a pitcher’s performance by trying to eliminate factors the pitcher can’t control by himself. But unlike a stat such as xFIP, SIERA considers balls in play and adjusts for the type of ball in play.

For example, if a pitcher has a high xFIP but has also induced a high proportion of grounders and pop-ups instead of line drives, his SIERA will be lower than his xFIP.

Why it’s useful: A more advanced version of tERA, SIERA is meant to remove the volatility of ERA, while also allowing for the notion that balls in play are somewhat in the control of the pitcher. It also weaves together different aspects of pitching. So walks are a bit less harmful to pitchers who induce ground balls at a high rate, as ground-ball pitchers are more likely than fly-ball pitchers to have a walk erased by a subsequent double play.

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Header Photo Curtesy of Halos Heaven

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