ST: March 11th – Chris Sale Start

ONLY 17 DAYS LEFT!!!! The countdown continues! I’ll start you guys off with the bad news… it was that there was no game… I’ll raise my hand. I got fooled. I had grabbed my favorite soda, sat down, reclined my chair, only to turn on the TV and see there was no game today. I was disappointed.

Don’t quit reading now though, because Chris Sale threw today! In a tweet from Jason Mastrodonato of the Boston Herald tweeted today, discussing the start.

That was the good news! Yes, usually you’d see Sale in the mid to upper 90’s though right? Some could say he should be throwing harder. Some would debate the opposite saying its the first competitive pitches of 2019. Both could be correct, but a tweet from Pete Abe of the Boston Globe straiten things out for us: Sale held some back.

Like Pete said, catch you guys tomorrow for Sox vs the Detroit Tigers!

Header Photo Curtesy of Red Sox L.A. (Instagram Link)

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