ST: Red Sox @ Yankees 3/16

JERRY REMY IS BACK!!!! GREAT to see. Without him this game would have sucked (still did tbh). This really was not a fun game to watch. Sox were making plenty of ugly plays, drops, bad pitching, etc. Yeah its spring training, so I don’t read much into this. Many of the players that were making the bad plays are minor leaguers. A Yankee win over the Red Sox 14-1 is not good no matter who is playing.

The Lineups

Yes, this isn’t the everyday lineup we would like to see, but as always in spring training; the travel lineup usually doesn’t have many star players. The bus ride would be 2 hours each way, and I could see why Mookie, JBJ, etc. didn’t want to go there.

Important Moments

Right away the sox were swinging on Domingo German: Benintendi takes the first pitch off the RF wall for a single, but got right to third on a two botched plays of Gary Sanchez. A K of Devers, groundout of JD, and a great catch up at the wall of Brett Gardner to rob Steve Pearce and Benny was left at third. Judge got a leadoff double, but Devers made a great play to end the inning. Another day, another devers highlight. Watch this GIF, curtesy of, how this ball just dies and he recovers, and still tags the bag, and makes the off balance throw:

Velaquez really struggled in the second. After giving up two runs, he left the game: leaving two more on. The Sox bring on Adam Lau and Aaron Judge takes him deep to make it 5-2. Velaquez just did not look sharp in his outing. After he left the game, the camera showed him doing some extra work in the bullpen.

In the third, Jenrry Mejia took over for Lau and pitched really well. Groundout-Strikeout-Groundout: would really like to see him take some steps forward and he could make a big impact. He had such great numbers for the Mets a few years back. In the fourth it really fell apart for Poyner. I’ll spare your eyes, but they batted around and the inning ended with the score being 10-0: some great hits by Voit and Andujar.

Alrodis Chapman came in to pitch in the 5th, but interestingly enough, only faced one batter: Gorkeys Hernandez K’d. Jonathan holder took over and got two quick lineouts. Erasmo Ramirez took over and did not look good either. When he left the game it was 13-0.

New Yankee Adam Ottovino came in to pitch the 6th and the Sox had some good hard contact off him; which is a good sign because Ottovino has crazy movement on his pitches. In the 6th they got a run back, after they had three strait singles off Adam, and then Travis grounded into a DP and then Swihart grounded out.

In the bottom of the 7th, Ryan Weber who is competing for a bullpen spot pitched a flawless inning. His two-seamer is pretty nasty. Moves so much, and he pairs it nicely with the curveball. I could see him up at some point too, if not on opening day. Ryan Lavarnway (yes, that Lavarnway) hit a double in the ninth for the Yankee’s 14 run of the game.

Final Box Scores

Not a fun game to watch. Remy was back in the booth, which was great to see him healthy first off, but he just brings fun back into the booth. Tom Caron alongside him makes for a great announcing team.

Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya tomorrow. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of Red Sox LA (Instagram Link)

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