MLB Cookie: St. Patricks Day!


Today the Toronto Blue Jays did something that 29 other teams have failed to do, pay their minor leaguers a livable wage. I congratulate them honorably to do so. In a story from Emily Waldon (Subscription required link) the details showcase the changes coming to the Blue Jay’s system. They will be giving all their minor leaguers from their Dominican summer league affiliated teams, all the way to AAA “more than 50%” increase in pay. Bravo Bravo Bravo Blue Jays.

Francisco Lindor – Injury

Today star shortstop Francisco Lindor suffered an injury to his right calf. While only a “strain” they are fearful that he could miss opening day. When the Indians break camp next week, they will reevaluate his status.


  • Yankees have given Gio Gonazlez an offer, but it seems that they are far apart on a potential deal (tweet)
  • Ranger’s Joey Gallo faced a groin strain, but says he will be ready for Opening Day (Link)
  • Dodger’s Corey Seager says that he will be ready for Opening Day despite not playing in any ST games so far (Tweet)
  • Yankee Jacoby Ellsbury reported to ST today, but “not close” to being ready for games. He is hitting off a tee, and playing catch so far (tweet)

Best baseball Blogs of the Week

As I am going to do each Sunday, MLB Trade Rumors does a great roundup of blogs over the past week. Great for some afternoon Monday reading. Here it is:

Header Photo Curtesy of BallPark Guide

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