ST: Red Sox vs. Atlanta 3/16

The Lineups

Not in the lineup per se, but its a CHRIS SALE day!!! Pitch count is at 65 pitches as he builds up his arm strength. Benny played yesterday for most the game, so he is sitting today, nice to see Brock getting some LF action as he is our backup OF. Nunez seeing time at 3B as Devers is given a day off.

Important Moments

Something to watch: Dustin Pedrioa. They will be testing his limits this upcoming week, seeing how the knee feels after several games with no days off. His plan is to get 3 ABs today. His defense has looked great so far: turning a double play, and laying some tags down for pickoffs. Chris Sale did not get the to the 65 pitch count Cora had mentioned, but after 4 innings, he went out the bullpen and finished up his work.

Sale on the mound to start the ball game, only hitting low nineties but *in Cora we trust*. In the bottom of the first the Sox scored first! Mookie went up the middle, Moreland nailed a ground rule double to right! JD brought mookie in with a Sac fly, and then Xander brought Moreland in on a double down the LF line!! Thats the Red Sox way! Scoring early, and often. In classic Sale fashion: He struck out the side in the second. In the fourth and Nunez makes a crazy good play. Another day, another highlight from the third basemen.

Fast forward to the sixth, and the Braves do get a run on the board. With Braiser pitching, former Red Sox Ryan LeMarre hits a single, the pitcher bunts him over, and Johan Camargo singles him in. Braiser ended the inning quickly after that though. In the bottom of that same frame, Mookie LAUNCHED a dinger over the monster! First of ST, and it was a no-doubt moonshot. Curtesy of

Thornberg came on the pitch after Braiser, and had a clean inning. We need Thornberg to be at his best, he could be a legit closer if needed. The year before he came to Boston he pitched to a 2.15 ERA closing out games for Milwaukee. Dude has a killer curveball.

After a leadoff walk in the seventh, Nunez hit an RBI double in the gap, then JBJ added to it with ground rule double down the RF line to add another run! After JBJ steals 3rd, then a sac fly: Sox 6-1!! To end the frame, Bryce Brentz made a great diving catch!

Final Box Scores

It was great to see the Sox break that losing streak. Seeing regulars in there hitting the ball well as we are starting to near the end of ST. Tomorrow it will be David Price vs his old team the Tampa Bay Rays!!

Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya tomorrow. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of Red Sox LA (Instagram Link)

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