ST: Red Sox Split Squad 3/17

Yesterday there were TWO GAMES! and BOTH were broadcasted! In Game 1, it was the Sox @ the Pirates, with Jameson Tallion vs Marcus Walden, and in Game 2: the Rays came to Fort Myers in a Brandon Johnson vs Ryan Meritt matchup. Since we have two games, this could become pretty long but I have tried to condense it all down, but we will see how it goes lol.

Red Sox News

Yesterday Cora announced that Chris Sale will be the opening day starter! With that being the case, it looks like he could start on the home opener too! Sadly, David Price was dealing with some sickness and did not pitch vs the Rays. Instead we got Brandon Johnson! It was St. Patricks day yesterday so in the Rays game, they all had bright green jerseys with green hats, socks, etc. It was pretty cool!

The Lineups

⬆️ Game 1: Red Sox @ Pirates | Game 2: Rays @ Red Sox ⬇️

Red Sox @ Pirates Important Moments

A surprising amount of regulars played in the away game! JBJ and Mookie I am surprised went on the bus ride when there was a game at home. One concerning thing of note is that yes, Pearce was in the starting lineup but was taken out after his first AB. He did walk gingerly after his first out. But after the game he said it was precautionary: he isn’t worried.

It is a treat to see Tallion play, as he is one of the up and coming pitchers in the NL, and as a Sox fan, we don’t get to see very often. He has some great numbers. The first run of the game came off a Sandy Leon single to drive in Mookie, who went to second on an error. To end the bottom of the first, JBJ made the best recovery I have seen in a LONG time. JBJ slips, gets back up and STILL makes the play. See the ball? See how he has fallen over?? Of course he still makes the play. Wow. Curtesy of, click or tap on it to view:

James Tallion (yes the pitcher) drove in the first run for the Pirates. He hit it up the middle off the glove of Walden. Corey Dickerson hit a blast off Walden to make it 2-1 Buccos. Josh Smith then took over for Walden in the fourth, but wasn’t looking too sharp: Allowing a Chisenhall double and a Kang Ho Park groundout and a Gonzalez single, it was 4-1 Buccos.

With Liriano in and Tallion out, JBJ hit a double in the gap to start off the 6th inning! But after three quick outs, he was stranded on on second. Tapia took over and walked two batters, and then allowed a total moonshot to Marte, making it 7-1 Pirates. After a dropped popup (granted it was a hard ball to get to) another came around to score making it 8-1 Pirates. That was the final score.


Sox scored quick again yesterday, putting a run on the board in the first. Holt smoked one down the RF line for a double, then JD just missed a HR, doubling off the CF wall! 1-0 Sox after 1. In the bottom of the second, they started off with back to back singles by Moreland and Swihart, but couldn’t advance either of them. In the bottom of the second, they started off with back to back singles by Moreland and Swihart, but couldn’t advance either of them. Moreland leads off the a single, Swihart with another single, Hernandez got robbed, liner to 3B, Sturgeon fly out to LF, Holt fly out to CF to end the threat

Hembree took over in the fourth, but struggled: walking three batters, and got pulled. Lau came in and induced the grounder to devers, who made a great charging play to escape the jam. In the fourth Swihart singled again (2-2) before getting pulled. He better get the nod over Leon for this season. Taking over in the 5th, prospect Colten Brewer came in the game, and pitched 2 great innings.

In the 8th, Durbin Feltman came in, and immediately struck two men out and really overpowered them. He might have gotten a little over confident because he started to nibble at the corners and walked the next man. He battled for a long AB, but walked him, and then the next man too. He was then removed for Smith who got out of the jam. In the bottom of the frame, Witte grabs an early double and Danny Mars singles to tie the game!! Then Fitzgerald (Irish name of course, being St. Pattys Day) doubles to give the sox the lead and the win 3-2!!!

Red Sox @ PIRATES Box Scores


Wow, there was a lot of baseball yesterday. Makes me even more excited for the season. And you? How are you feeling for the season? Just 11 more days…

Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya tomorrow. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of Red Sox LA (Instagram Link)

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