March 18th


Finally, another free agent off the board. In a tweet from Jeff Passan of ESPN, he details that this is (surprisingly) a minor league deal! it is crazy that a player his caliber has to settle for a minor league deal. Last year he ended with a 4.16 FIP, which is NOT bad by any means. After a run with the Nationals in which he had a 3.28 FIP over three years previous to 2018, it seems like there should be some left in the tank. Gio’s deal is for $3MM plus incentives.


Earlier in the offseason, there were numerous reports that the Indians were shopping their two top pitchers, Kluber and Bauer, around to see if they could dump a salary or two. Since Christmas or so, those talks seemed to subside. After today’s tweet from Ken Rosenthal, they have picked back up: this time with the Padres. Ken does point out that he does not think this would happen before Opening Day next week.


  • Dustin Pedroia will not be ready for Opening Day.
  • Dodgers announced front office promotions

Stat of the Day – Bolt

Definition: A Bolt is any run where the Sprint Speed (defined as “feet per second in a player’s fastest one-second window”) of the runner is at least 30 ft/sec.

Players’ Bolt totals for each season are displayed on the Sprint Speed leaderboard. It is a cumulative stat, unlike Sprint Speed.

Billy Hamilton finished first or second in Bolts in each of the first four seasons in Statcast history. Trea Turner ranked first in 2018, with 145 Bolts — 43 more than any other player — though he ranked fourth on the Sprint Speed leaderboard (min. 10 competitive runs).

Since Statcast was implemented Major League-wide in 2015, the number of Bolts per season typically has been similar to the number of stolen bases. For example, there were 2,377 Bolts and 2,474 steals in 2018.

TLDR: If a runner crosses 30 ft/sec he will tally a bolt. Only the fastest of the fast get that. 

Stat of the Day Curtesy of

Header Photo Curtesy of Federal Baseball

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