ST: Red Sox vs. BLANK 1/01

Remy and O’Brian had a great moment in the 7th inning when they were talking about how they had to park in a different lot and that it was in a different county than the stadium and they got to talking about how Remy is the king of exits. Remy then said “Yes, that is one thing I really take pride in: getting out of ballparks” HAHAHAHA!

Then another golden nugget happened, where Remy asks Jahmai Webster (sideline reporter), who had just finished talking about his interview with Porcello, “Can I ask you a fashion question. Remy then asks him if he should be wearing the top button or not on his polo shirt! Jahmai then starting laughing so hard, and Remy then says he has been pondering the question because he thinks it covers up all the wrinkles on his neck!!!! HA!! Great moments during the broadcast today. Man I love having the RemDog back!

Red Sox News

In the wake of the Trout extension (and if you don’t know what im talking about, then you better subscribe to my daily MLB cookie), most Red Sox fans immediately thought to Mookie. If Trout is getting that kind of money, what is mookie going to get? Several reporters went to Mookie yesterday to get that very answer. Alex Speier of the Boston Globe has this tweet:

He went on to say that he doesn’t see an extension happening, that he believes that the negotiations will happen once he is a free agent.

  • Since he did not pitch in yesterday’s game, Eduardo Rodriguez pitched in a minor league game today. He got all the way to 90 pitches, and told reporters that he felt great afterwards, and is thankful for his first fully healthy camp with the Red Sox.
  • David Price, missed his last outing due to sickness, will throw an “aggressive bullpen” today
  • Steve Pearce will get minor league ABs to test his calf

The Lineups

A few interesting things, Nunez is playing shortstop, Cora said before the game, they just want to have him get that different look just in case for the season. Mookie and JD are both getting some rest as well.

Important Moments

Benny started the game with a single and a stolen base! They couldn’t bring him around, and to make it worse: Mullins lead off their frame with a HR to right field, giving the Orioles a 1-0 lead in the first. Next in the 3rd the Sox had the bases loaded with nobody out but then Nunez grounded into a double play, then devers stuck out to end the inning while only tying the game. They definitely should have added more in that situation. 

Rick Porcello was out after 5 IP, only the one run: a home run. Never really got into trouble. Had BLANK strikeouts, super encouraging to have a sharp start in which could be his last ST start! Mejia who has looked pretty good this year so far, did induce two grounders, but they both happened to go up the middle. The second grounder was hit by Cedric Mullins who is one of the fastest guys in the majors and muscles the single into a double. Of course the next guy, Villar, then this a double down the line. Mejia did recover nicely striking out the next two batters, Peterson and Davis, then fields a comeback to escape the inning. 

Hembree again wasn’t super sharp, allowing a home run to the second guy he faced. It was a MOONSHOT to straightaway center field taking the game to 4-2 O’s. The 8th inning was a weird one. To start off the inning, just a harmless ground ball error at SS, Taverez got to second, then third on a past ball. Then after a walk by Miller, Witte grounds into what should have been an inning ending double play turns into just an out and a run scoring making it 4-3. The next batter reaches on a dropped third stake, which leads to another run, and then ANOTHER past ball makes it 5-4 Sox! Leon then makes them pay by hitting a single to RF and that puts the sox on top by 2! 

Final Box Scores

A great comeback from the minor leaguers in what was a quiet day for the bats. Great to see pretty Ricky feel so good after his outing, we might see him one more time in Arizona depending on how price feels after his bullpen today. We couldn’t let Baltimore of all teams sweep the Sox in Spring Training!

Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya tomorrow. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of Red Sox LA (Instagram Link)

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