ST: Red Sox @ Twins 3/22

Red Sox News

BREAKING NEWS: Chris Sale came to an agreement with the Boston Red Sox on a 5 year/$145MM deal that will start in 2020. This will come as a great relief to us Red Sox fans that we will not just lose nearly half our stars in the next two years. After 2019, these players will enter free agency: Bogaerts, Porcello, and both of our first basemen. JD has an opt out which is basically guaranteed to be used if he has a similar season to 2018. After 2019, we will be losing Mookie and JBJ. This deal for Sale will ensure at least one of our stars will stick around for several more years!

The Lineups

Today we had Nunez back at second base. He really just does not look nearly as natural at second as Holt does. I would much rather have Holt be backup 2B. I really don’t see a need for Nunez when we have holt. I view Holt as a better defender and with more versatility.

Mookie had the day off, Swihart is out of the lineup, and Pedroia did not start.

Important Moments

Today was another fun game to watch. Runzler was the starter for the Sox, and I literally have never heard of him before. Chris Sale was supposed to pitch, but after a $145MM extension, it looks like they gave him the night off. Runzler did not look very sharp, pitching to 3 walks and two runs.

The Red Sox offense lit up though, with Benny hitting a HR to lead off the game and then later on in the game going back to back to back; JBJ-Vazquez-Hernandez.

Pitching updates

  • Braiser had a leadoff single against him, but pitched around it with 2 K’s
  • Workman stuck out the side, telling reporters that earlier in the spring he had “dead arm” which caused his velocity to diminish
  • Mejia, who I think has a legit chance to make the team, got hit around a bit: 3 hits and 2 runs against him.

Final Box Scores

Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya tomorrow. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of Red Sox LA (Instagram Link)

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