ST: Red Sox vs. Cubs 3/25

Wow. Only THREE days left. It is coming quickly. There was a game on Monday! En route to Opening Day in Seattle, they have stopped in Arizona for two games against the Cubs. Monday and Tuesday they will play in AZ, then on Thursday will be the start of the regular season in Seattle. 

Red Sox News

Cora announced late Monday night that Steve Pearce, still healing with his calf injury will start the year on the IL, paving the way for 1B Sam Travis to start the year on the opening day roster!

The Lineups

I’m willing to bet that this is the opening day lineup for the Sox. Looks pretty dang good to me.

Important Moments

Sox strike first again! In the top of the third Benintendi HOMERED taking a 1-0 lead. They quickly relinquished it though, when Porcello allowed a homer to Cole Hamels, yes, the pitcher. Yikes. Then after some trouble locating some fly balls in the twilight, The Sox really did not look great out there allowing a double on what should have been a pop out, allowing Bryant to score. 2-1 Cubs.

In the top of the seventh the Sox got some action in! After a quick JD groundout, Bogey then gets a single, Moreland hit a single in the gap, Nunez pops one just over the 1B head tying the game! JBJ singles also, but then Swihart grounds into a double play, ending the inning and the rally. 

Velaquez comes on to pitch and immediately gives up a homer to David Bote making it 3-2 Cubs. In the 8th, Barnes came into pitch but only faced one batter striking him out. Brasier came in and got his job done, getting a K with his splitter. 

Final Score: 3-2 Cubs

Final Box Scores

Today for highlighting each part of the team, we will highlight the outfielders. JBJ and Mookie both won the Gold Glove, with Benintendi being a finalist in 2018. It would be great to get all three of them one in 2019! Here it is:


#6: Mookie Betts – MVP, MVP, MVP chants were heard throughout Fenway in 2018. Betts can very well be the solid #2 as the second best baseball player in the league (Trout). Gold Glove defense, Silver Slugger at the plate, a legitimate 5 tool player. 

#7: Jackie Bradley Jr. – JBJ they call him, is my pick to be the breakout player of the year for the Red Sox. Reports have come out that he met with Craig Wallenbrock to overhaul his entire swing. Wallenbrock, the hitting coach who helped turn JD Martinez’s career around, Jackie went on the record saying that he has been doing everything wrong, and is very grateful he has gotten where he is today with that swing. Being a top 3 defender, if he can get his swing going, he can be an MVP type player alongside Mookie.

#8: Andrew Benintendi – Benintendi is a solid role player. Cora has said that this year, Mookie will be hitting second in the lineup, pushing Benintendi to the leadoff spot. While the analytics say he is a mere average defender, it could be the green monster hurting him. The trusty ole eye test makes him look better than he actually could be. He was a center fielder in college, and has played in center several times while in Boston, looking good in the process. 

#9: JD Martinez – A few years back, JD might have won the MVP in 2018. Leading MLB in RBI (130) and Total Bases (358), and having 43 HR, you could very well say that he had the best offensive season in baseball for 2018. Playing DH for 2/3 of his games hurt his case, but it’s hard to argue the difference JD made in his first season in Boston.  

Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya tomorrow. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of Red Sox LA (Instagram Link)

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