LAST ST: Red Sox vs. Cubs 3/26


Red Sox News

Steve Pearce will begin the season the IL. Sam Travis, who hit a GRAND SLAM in Tuesday’s game, will begin the year with the team. Pearce will go back to Fort Myers with Pedroia and he expects to be back with the team when they go to Arizona next week.

The Lineups

Important Moments

After the first two scoreless innings, Blake Swihart broke the silence by hitting a nice HR to left field! He broke it open though because the Cubs would make their comeback in the bottom of that same inning and taking the lead 2-1. The Cubs would go on to score 3 more in the fourth, and then 8 runs in the 5th. It was ugly, I don’t really even want to talk about it. If you want the details click here. 

The Sox got one back in the sixth, after a Nunez single, and a Sam Travis double to drive him in. Travis would also go on to hit a GRAND SLAM in the 8th en route to a 5 run inning! 

Pitching Notes

  • it was meh outing for price. Allowing 5 earned runs over 3 and two thirds of an inning. There were a few of them that were bloops so he wasn’t hit entirely hard for those, except the HR of course. 
  • Hembree couldnt find the strike zone, hitting the first batter then walking the next two
  • Workman was wild with his curveball 
  • Thornberg allowed a double and only two outs
  • Brewer came in to allow a field error by a Mike Miller, then K’d Johnny Field (best baseball name in the game) to end the inning 
  • Weber came in and got two groundouts, allowed a single and closed out the inning getting a flyout
  • Durbin Feltman came in and showed off some nasty slider/curveballs striking out Burks, he did throw one right down the middle when Bernard HR off him. Looked pretty good stuff wise though

Final Box Scores

It was good to see the offense stay hot, but come on pitching… It’s the Cubs. Not the Yankees. Sam Travis hitting a grand slam was super encouraging coming from the last guy to make the roster in a pinch. Thursday come quickly!

Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya tomorrow. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of Red Sox LA (Instagram Link)

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