Red Sox @ Seattle Mariners 3/29

WOW! What a thriller! While the middle innings might not have been as entertaining, the game got off to a hot start, while not in our favor… but the Sox made an amazing comeback to stun the Mariners in the 9th!

The Lineup

With the lefty on the mound in Kikuchi, Moreland sat in game 2; Sam Travis made the lineup. Another move to watch is Devers, for opening day he was in the 3 hole, and now is batting 6th. I personally like it better, but we will see how it plays out during the season

Important Moments

After the first two innings to start this game off, it was looking like a repeat blowout like Thursday’s game. Mallex Smith takes Evo deep on the first pitch, and Santana took him deep in the same inning, with Navarez going out to RF in the second to make it a 3-1 game. All three were solo homers, but thrown right down the middle. That is what Eovaldi will need to focus on next outing: his location.

In the first, Bogaerts bolted his first HR of the year! He wasn’t the only one to hit the long ball this game though! The bottom of the fourth was Eovaldi’s worst inning though, just getting hard hit ball after ball off him. Check out the exit velo’s coming off the hot Mariner bats ⬇️ Yikes.

In the 6th JD Martinez hit his first as well, to bring the game within a reachable 3 runs. Surprising everyone in attendance was Christian Vazquez hitting his own round tripper in the eighth! After a wasted opportunity in the 8th leading to a weird play resulting in a bases loaded, 1 out situation turning into 0 runs and Nunez just standing a mere feet from first base (link), the Sox turn the tides around in the ninth. Closer Hunter Strickland comes in and immediately gives up a double to Devers and hit Swihart. JBJ reaches on a FC, Cora then goes to his bench and brings up the powerful lefty: Mitch Moreland. Moreland then deposits on into the right field bleachers to take the lead 7-6!!!


Final Box Scores


  • Red Sox bullpen: 4 IP and ZERO hits
  • Vazquez with the home run is someone to watch to see if he has improved his offensive game
  • Righty Mike Leake is on the mound on Saturday, does Holt start at 2B?

What a moment, what a game. Excited for Saturday, my prediction is a Blake Swihart sighting! We will see if we get another stunner of a game.

Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya tomorrow. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of Red Sox LA (Instagram Link)

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