Red Sox @ Oakland A’s 4/2



  • Pedroia is eyeing the Fenway home opener to make his return, a spark like that is just what this team needs. The frustration is building

The Lineup

Important Moments

Well, another game that looked to have promise and the Sox somehow not pull it out. After Sale spotted Chapman a HR in the first, the Sox were playing catchup the whole game, and they looked like it. They had several chances to at least tie it, and just couldn’t get that clutch base hit. The 2018 team would have that clutch base hit and then follow it up with more to just drive that knife deeper into their opponent. 

Mookie had a double in the third, Benny then hits a soft grounder to end the inning. In the fourth, Devers and Moreland both single: Holt easy ground out the end the inning. In the seventh Vazquez doubles and even steals third but then JBJ Ks to end that threat. Bogaerts nails a liner to center which almost goes out, and it took another amazing throw from Laureano to get him out again. Can’t blame him for pushing it to third, for they are against Trinen which is so hard to get hits off of, and getting to third with only one out meant the sac fly is possible. Here is the play ⬇️ 


  • Sale had lower velocity in this outing, sitting 88-90 MPH, but really pitched this outing. Using mostly his slider and change to keep batters off balance. Only allowing 2-3 balls that were hit hard, unfortunately one of them snuck over the fence in left.
  • Workman had two strikeouts en route to a 1-2-3 inning
  • Brasier did walk a man, but looked sharp

Final Box Scores

YIKES. Finally got a solid start from the rotation and the offense can’t push across one run.


Tomorrow is Eovaldi vs Marco Estrada! Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya then. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of NBC Sports California

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