Red Sox @ Oakland A’s 4/4

Another disappointing loss… Cora was not happy after the game. Figure out why ⬇️


  • Pearce made his debut! Hit one off the wall in left!
  • Pedroia hit some balls hard in Greenville in a single A game. Still on pace to start at Fenway during the home opener next week!

The Lineup

Pearce is in there! Travis has been optioned to AAA. Just a scheduled off day for Devers, but he did come in later in the game.

Important Moments

The Red Sox got off to a hot start with back to back singles, Pearce K’d to start his year but JD then singled to load the bases! Bogey and Holt both worked walks to score to making it 2-0 Sox in the first, and JD nails one over the fence in the 3rd adding another on the board! 

Eddy struggled in the 3rd, really losing his command. Allowed a double to lead off the inning, then does get an out, but then walks Semien. He starts Piscotty off 2-0 and then leaves one right down the middle which Piscotty deposits over the fence in CF. Tie ballgame.

His pitching continue to struggle in the fourth when he walks the second batter, Phegley then hits a rocket to 3B that Nunez barely even knocks down, Grossman puts one down the RF line for an RBI double. Worse comes to worst when a fly ball goes between Mookie and JBJ in which both pulled up and it falls between them to allow two more runs to score. Here is the play ⬇️ 

ScreenRecording_04-04-2019 17-33-38.2019-04-04 17_43_56.gif

In the ninth; Mookie was on with a walk. Benny hits a soft single to CF and Mookie takes off and tries for third, Laureano uses that canon again and throws him out. Third day in a row that the Red Sox just ran into an out because of his arm. Gotta stop doing that Sox. 


  • Benny went 2-4
  • JD went 2-5
  • Pearce one ball off the wall and was thrown out at second, but did strikeout three times


  • Eduardo Rodriguez flew through the first two innings, but struggled in the second and third. Allowing a 3-R HR to Piscotty, and then a couple doubles in the fourth, he didn’t even get out of the fourth inning. 
  • Velaquez came in and pitched well to give 2.1 innings and save a different pitcher a day off. He did allow one run after back to back to back singles. 
  • Hembree pitched two innings only allowing two baserunners and getting two strikeouts. 

Final Box Scores


Tomorrow is Porcello vs Zack Godley! Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya then. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of Red Sox LA (Instagram Link)

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