Red Sox @ Arizona 4/5

Well the last pitcher for the Red Sox in yesterday’s game was Nunez. That is how the game went.

The Lineup

Just a normal scheduled off day for JBJ. He did come in for a pinch hitting appearance later in the game. Being in a NL Stadium with the pitcher hitting makes for some off days to make sure JD stays in the lineup. I still expect to see at least one of the next two days without JD.

Important Moments

Swihart got the scoring going in the third! Benny doubled him in making it 1-0 Sox. Porcello struggled in the bottom of the frame allowing three on. The Sox traded a run for two outs tying up the ballgame. Porcello continued to struggle in the fourth allowing for a HR, then a double, walk and then the freaking pitcher got an RBI single. By the end of the inning it was 5-1. 

The pitching woes continued in the 6th when back to back singles lead off the inning. Johnson was pitching this time: then getting a double from Jones making it 8-1, a few batters later Marte gets up and hits a Grand Slam furthering the score to 12-1. Thornburg was solid coming in during the 7th, only allowing one baserunner. 

In the 9th, the Sox did score some more runs. After pitching a successful eighth allowing only one HR, Nunez led off the inning with single, Mookie then hit a double setting up Mitchy Two Bags hitting a three run homer! 

Final Score: 15-8


  • Mookie and Mitch Moreland both hit home runs in this one
  • Swihart is still hot going 2-4 with a 2 run double. He is batting .500 so far.


  • Porcello had three quick innings, but things unravelled quick in the fourth and fifth innings
  • Johnson took over and got out of Porcello’s mess in the fifth, but got in his own mess In the 6th. There was a hit parade resulting in a grand slam and by the end of Johnson’s outing the score was 14-1. 
  • Thornburg pitched well, allowing a single but completed the inning on 18 pitches
  • Eduardo Nunez had a good inning. Yes, I did say Eduardo Nunez. Regretfully so: did get two quick outs but then got tagged for a home run. Watch ⬇️ 

Final Box Scores



Tomorrow is David Price vs Luke Weaver! Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya then. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of Red Sox LA (Instagram Link)

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