Red Sox @ Arizona 4/6

Red Sox had their chances. Just did not pull through again. Mookie, Bogey, Vazquez and JBJ had three left on base en route to getting walked off.


  • Two players were placed on the Injured list today: Brian Johnson and Brock Holt
  • Brock Holt has a scratched cornea which apparently came before opening day, caused by his adorable son Griffey. He thought he could play through it but decided it was best for the team not to. He said it was difficult for him to pick up the spin of the ball while batting.
  • Brian Johnson has left elbow soreness. Told reporters that it was effecting his finish in his mechanics.
  • Tzu Wei Lin and Marcus Walden have been called up to fill the spots of the above people. Lin had an AB in Saturday’s game.

The Lineup

Nunez and Pearce starting vs a righty in Luke Weaver is interesting move. In Cora we trust though. Maybe Weaver has reverse splits, that would be a very logical move.

Important Moments

Sox struck again first in the second inning, leading off with a walk Bogey got on. Devers single and a Nunez ground out got the first run on the board. To get to the pitcher; Vazquez was walked but Price actually hit one past the first baseman for an RBI single and then benny doubled making it 3-0 Red Sox!

There is some speculation that batting, and then running the bases messed with Price a bit, being so unfamiliar: in the bottom of that same inning, right after Price ran, the DBacks put a 4 spot on the board taking the lead. Hit city: Single, pop out, double, single, double, K, then a single and it was 4-3 Arizona after 2.

The 7th inning was the big let down of the game when Mookie had the bases loaded and only gets a sac fly, then Moreland walks to re load the bases only to have Xander ground out. Two HUGE chances to push lots of runs across and can’t do nearly anything. Tie Game. After a quick strikeout from Brewer, the DBacks put together three strait singles to walk it off in the bottom of the ninth.

Final Score: 5-4 Arizona


  • Benny went 2-3 with a walk


  • Price had a solid start, nothing spectacular but the 2018 Sox would have won the game with that start
  • Workman was great, getting several swing and misses with his curve striking out one
  • Braiser did allow a hit, but was on point as well
  • Brewer pitched since it was tie game, and started well, but then went on to allow three hits, the last of which was the walk off

Final Box Scores



Tomorrow is Hector Velazquez vs Merill Kelly! Stay tuned and i’ll catch ya then. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of The Boston Globe

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