Red Sox vs Blue Jays 4/9

There was a great pre game ceremony celebrating the 2018 World Series Champions. It was a fun time with everyone showing off their rings, and even had a visit from Manny, Ortiz, Pedro, and a few stars from the Patriots! Gronk and Edelman were the headliners that showed off the SIX trophies the Pats have had. Such a flex on the other cities that Boston can celebrate MULTIPLE championships on one day. It was quite the game if you like offense, it was back and forth the whole game. Sox again had so many chances but couldn’t get it done.


  • Dustin Pedroia was activated and got a hit to start the rally in the 9th!
  • Tzu-Wei Lin was optioned for Pedroia
  • Jerry Remy was back in the booth alongside Eck and OB. The three man booths are really entertaining. I hope there is more of the this upcoming year

Important Moments

Sox got off to a great start with Mitch Moreland railing one into the bullpen to put one on the board in the first. They also got one in the second after Pedroia hit into a double play but Bogey still scored. Sale was cruising through the first and second, but ran into a bit of trouble in the second allowing three singles. I don’t think they could have been more weakly hit but just found every hole possible. Sale was looking great in the first hitting 95 on the gun which means his changeup is just that much more effective.

Sale lost the led in the fourth when he allowed another two singles and two runs, one of which was a passed ball on Vazquez. The Blue Jays then got a third run in the inning when Gurriel STOLE HOME. Sale went in full windup with him on third and he went immediately. Sale was just been singled to death. 

Sox bring it within 2 runs after a HR into the monster to lead off the 6th inning! After a Bogey walk and Hernandez can’t make the catch in LF, Bogey comes around to score making it 6-5! On to the 7th and  Sox pithing allowed two walks and a single for another run to score. The Red Sox do make another mini comeback in the eighth getting a run back, but still fail to push more across.

The 9th inning was quite the worst showing for the Sox. After a Pedroia single, and JBJ having a great AB to take a walk; Swihart flys out on one pitch, Benny hits a weak pop up, and then Mookie’s AB was the worst of them all. He takes a ball RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE (⬇️ See Below ⬇️) , Giles then throws three uncompetitive pitches, then Mookie takes a hanging slider right in his wheelhouse, and then strikes out swinging on a low slider. Horrible look to end the game.


  • Thornburg took over for Sale and pitched two innings where he was pretty much dominant. He allowed a double off the wall off pretty much one mistake, but did not cost him. No one else could touch him.
  • Pedroia got his first hit back, igniting the almost rally in the 9th
  • Walden struck out two in a clean inning of work


  • Sale didn’t get the results he wanted, and the steal of home sucked. Sale didn’t pitch *bad* as his box score would say. He just allowed too many weakly hit singles that found holes.
  • SO many runners stranded. Each game they are getting the ducks on the pond, just are not driving them in.
  • Hembree couldn’t get the job done
  • Workman couldn’t get the job done
  • Barnes couldn’t get the job done

Final Box Scores

Another game the Red Sox should have won. You can’t leave TWELVE runners on base. Can’t do it.


Best thing about baseball is how it’s played nearly everyday! Today there is an off day. But tomorrow’s game is at 7:10 ET and is featuring Aaron Sanchez vs Nathan Eovaldi! Stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about it. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

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