April 9th

Mike Clevinger – Injury

After suffering a “right upper back/Teres major muscle strain” which put Clev on the IL yesterday, more news surfaced that his stay on the IL will be much longer than 10 days. Clevinger will be completely shut down for 6-8 weeks before he will begin throwing again. The Indians have tons of pitching depth, so finding a fill in will not be a problem.

Luis Severino – Injury Update

The Yankees announced that Ace Luis Severino will be shut down for 6 weeks due to a grade 2 lat strain. While this apparently does not have anything to do with the shoulder inflammation he has been dealing with, one has cause to be concerned. After signing a deal for big money just several weeks ago, this could be worrisome. 

Jon Lester – Injury

Lester hit the IL yesterday after leaving his start early due to a hamstring strain. Further testing will be done today to see really how bad it is. 

Puig, Archer – Suspensions

After Archer threw behind Dietrich for admiring his majestic homer in Monday’s game, the brawl broke out. Puig has been suspended two games for his involvement and Archer 5 games, basically one start, for intentionally throwing at someone. All suspicions also include undisclosed fines. Watch the video HERE

Bud Norris – Rumored Signing

Yesterday the Nationals and Bud Norris agree to have further evaluations done and if all goes well he will sign a minor league deal. 


  • Brad Peacock will move to the bullpen because there are multiple off days coming up for the Astros 
  • Top Prospect Hunter Greene underwent a successful Tommy John surgery yesterday


Charlie Morton NASTY three pitch sequence

Business of Baseball – International Amateur Free Agency & Bonus Pool Money


As per the 2017-21 Collective Bargaining Agreement, clubs are each subject to a spending cap for amateur international free agents. Each club will have at least a $4.75 million bonus pool to spend, with those that have a pick in Competitive Balance Round A receiving $5.25 million and those with a pick in Competitive Balance Round B receiving $5.75 million.

Clubs will be able to acquire up to 75 percent of their initial international bonus pool money in the 2017-18 and 2018-19 signing periods and up to 60 percent of their initial pools in subsequent signing periods. This means that a club with an initial pool of $5.75 million can increase its pool total via trade to approximately $10.1 million during the 2017-18 and 2018-19 signing periods. The 2017-21 CBA also allows international funds to be traded more freely, as teams must now simply trade international money in increments of $250,000, unless they have less than $250,000 remaining in their pool. Under the 2012-16 CBA, teams were assigned four tradeable “slots” with different values designated for each slot. The money was able to be traded only in those increments.

Beginning in the 2017-18 offseason, any team that is over the luxury tax threshold and signs a Major League free agent that has rejected a qualifying offer will lose $1 million from their international signing pool in the following signing period. A team that is not over the luxury tax would only forfeit $500,000 of its signing pool in the subsequent period.

Each year’s international signing period begins July 2 and continues through June 15 of the following year. Under the CBA, international amateurs are defined as follows:

• Player resides outside of the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico and has not been enrolled in high school in any of those locations within the past calendar year.
• Player is at least 16 years of age or will turn 16 years of age prior to Sept. 1 of the current signing period.

Any player meeting that criteria becomes eligible to sign a Minor League contract with a Major League organization for a signing bonus that fits within said team’s allotted pool. Players that sign for a total bonus of $10,000 or less do not count against a team’s allotted bonus pool.

Foreign professionals — defined as players who are at least 25 years of age and have played as a professional in a foreign league recognized by Major League Baseball for a minimum of six seasons — maintain exemption from the international bonus pool.

Clubs that accrued penalties for exceeding their international bonus pool money under the stipulations of the 2012-16 Collective Bargaining Agreement will not have those penalties wiped out by the 2017-21 CBA.

Pitch of the Day Curtesy of @PitchingNinja

Business of Baseball Curtesy of MLB.com

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