Red Sox vs Orioles 4/15

Another terrible loss for the Sox. The bullpen was the letdown today.


  • While technically could have been activated today off the IL, Brock Holt has remained on in the rehab process. He is set to see a few AAA games to ensure his eye has healed from being scratched by his son Griffey.
  • Christian Vazquez was batting ninth in Monday’s lineup, while that isn’t necessarily precarious, the position that was listed next to his name was. For some reason he had a “”2B” instead of a “C”. With JBJ still sick, and Cora wanting to give Benny some time off the foot that was nailed by a foul ball, Vazquez played second base! He actually played there fairly well! Started a double play and got a couple other putouts.

Important Moments

The Red Sox offense could not do anything against the Oriole Starter Dan Straily. Straily had come into the game with a astronomical ERA of 19.29. The entire approach that had given Mookie and Co. their rings in 2018, has now gone away and have become one of the worst teams at swinging at pitches in the zone.

Velazquez started the game and went 3 IP with only one run allowed but Walden takes over in the fourth and looks fine to start, but then they Oriole batters got to him in the fifth. Allowing two baserunners on, one scoring, then Dwight Smith takes Walden deep right to Pesky’s pole in right. It was a rinky dink HR but it still counts as a moonshot. Walden leaves the game 4-0 Orioles.

Brewer pitches a clean 6th, and Hembree takes over in the 7th, allowing a double, then a HR, Orioles further their lead to 6-1. The Red Sox got one run in the 5th by groundout by Pearce. Thornburg couldn’t even keep them from scoring in the 9th, allowing Smith to double in two more.

Final Score: 8-1 Orioles


  • JD hasn’t lost his stride. Going 2-4 with a double in yesterday’s game raising his AVG to .344


  • Bullpen imploded. Allowing 7 runs on 8 hits, and walking 3 against one of the worst lineups in the bigs, the ORIOLES
  • Sox offense could not push across more than one run against a man whose ERA was nearing 20 coming into the game.

Final Box Scores


Best thing about baseball is how it’s played nearly everyday! Today’s game is at 7:10 PM ET featuring a marquee matchup of the two rival aces Chris Sale vs newly acquired James Paxton! Stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about it. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of the Boston Informer

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