Red Sox @ NY Yankees 4/18

Today’s game was just heartbreaking. Eovaldi had a spectacular start, but the bullpen just plain blew it.


  • Pedroia came out the game after his second inning at bat, it does NOT sound optimistic. He will be visiting a NY doctor to examine it after he felt “something weird”. Cora said after the game that he had never seen Pedey that down. It’s not sounding good at all.
  • Due to Pedey’s situation, Cora said they will most likely need 2B help for the Rays series, Tuz-Wei Lin is the most likely candidate, with maybe top prospect Michael Chavis if the Sox see Pedroia needing lots of time to recover. 
  • Holt is looking to get another lens to help his eye. Still isn’t 100% with seeing the ball properly. 
  • Benintendi was still out of the lineup on Wednesday trying to get that foot healed. 

Important Moments

The Red Sox were looking golden after a first inning dinger from JD, and a two run homer for Vazquez in the second making the game 3-0 and Eovaldi was just Strait DEALING. He ran into a little trouble in the fourth allowing a run on a Clint Frazier double, but got out the jam quickly. 

Eovaldi left the game after the 6th inning only allowing the one run and getting 6 strikeouts! Workman came in and totally just crapped himself on the mound. Walking two men and a single while only getting one out, leaves the bases loaded for Braiser to come try to salvage the inning. Braiser missed his spot and Brett Gardner takes him deep for a grand slam putting the Yankees on top 5-3. 

The Red Sox did have a chance to make a comeback in the 8th against Adam Ottovino but Nunez of all people just had to ruin it. The Sox rally against one of the nastiest pitchers in baseball to get the bases loaded, but Nunez flails at a first pitch nearly in the dirt for a weak pop out. This came directly after an awesome AB by Moreland working the count for a walk. Nunez HAS to be patient there. Boy I hope Pedroia is alright. I cannot STAND Nunez.

Final Score: 5-3 Yankees


  • Eovaldi pitched to perfection over 6 innings, with all of his pitches working
  • Martinez continues to smash after a 2-3 game with a HR and a walk
  • Pearce made a DIVING play which help secure the score at the time to 3-1 ⬇️ 


  • Bullpen… bullpen… bullpen… Workman who has been very solid in the early goings just fell completely apart loading the bases against a Yankee lineup who does not even feature Stanton, Sanchez, Bird, Andujar, Hicks, Gregorius or even freaking Tulowitzki. Come on… 
  • Mookie has lowered his average to .200 after an 0-4 game.

Final Box Scores


Best thing about baseball is how it’s played nearly everyday! Today there is an off day. The Sox are traveling to Tampa Bay to face off tomorrow! Stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about it. Talk to you then 🤙🏽

Header Photo Curtesy of Over the Monster

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