April 18th

Khris Davis – Extension 

Big news coming out of Oakland as the A’s as they have inked a 2 year extension worth $33.5 with their slugger Khris Davis. Since being in Oakland, he has been one of the top hitters in the game: averaging 44 HR a year the past three years, and being Mr. Consistent batting .247 for the past four seasons straight. This 

Dustin Pedroia – Injury

After what seemed to be a miraculous come back, perennial all star and former MVP second baseman Dustin Pedroia is faltering again. After undergoing a experimental surgery which basically gave him an entire new knee, running on Wednesday’s loss to the yankees Pedey said he felt a “pop”. He was removed after the second inning. After further inspection yesterday, a doctor in NY said it was not season ending, but the Red Sox have put him on the IL.  


“Homer Bailey, Filthy 84mph Splitter. Voit throws down his weapon and surrenders. “

Business of Baseball – Player to Be Named Later (PTBNL)


When clubs consent to include a player to be named later (often abbreviated PTBNL) in a trade, they agree to decide upon or announce the final player involved in that trade at a later date.

Using a PTBNL can be especially advantageous after the non-waiver Trade Deadline, as players that would otherwise be required to first clear waivers can be included in the trade as a PTBNL — provided they are not on the 25-man roster — and officially sent to their new club once waiver clearance is no longer mandatory for a trade.

In other instances, the club sending the PTBNL away will provide the acquiring club with a list of players from which to select the PTBNL. In such cases, an agreed-upon deadline — by which the acquiring club must select the PTBNL — will often be set.


The July 2007 trade that sent CC Sabathia from the Indians to the Brewers saw Cleveland receive first baseman Matt LaPorta, left-hander Zach Jackson, right-hander Rob Bryson and a PTBNL. The deal was supposed to be centered around LaPorta, but the PTBNL — Michael Brantley — has made a far greater big league impact than anyone else the Indians acquired in the transaction.

Pitch of the Day Curtesy of @PitchingNinja

Business of Baseball Curtesy of MLB.com

Header Photo Curtesy of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

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