Red Sox Players


ACE: Chris Sale – Ace, top 5 pitcher in baseball. Injury concerns: historically has worse numbers in the second half of the season, and was shut down for almost 2 months from the end of July to the end of September. He tried to come back and pitch in mid August but he wasn’t himself. They skipped his last start of the postseason and started Price on short rest. Sale came out of the bullpen anyway to pitch the ninth to close out the World Series

#2 David Price – Above average, while some have said that he has not lived up to his 7 year, $217MM deal signed in 2015, he has been very solid. Having an injury in 2017 limiting him to 74 IP, he rebounded nicely to pitch 176 IP with a 3.58 ERA.

#3 Nathan Eovaldi – Above average, injury plagued throughout his career. Traded to the Red Sox midseason, he had a stellar 2.88 FIP while in Boston and had a spectacular postseason run in which he had a heroic effort which earned him a 4 year deal worth $67.5MM.

#4 Rick Porcello – Average, innings eater some can call him. A Cy Young award winner in 2016, he is a very dependable starter who will give his team a chance to win on any given day. Flashes his excellence a few games a year still, as seen here. He apparently has worked on his change up this offseason with Rodriguez who has an excellent changeup.

#5 Eduardo Rodriguez – Potentially above average. His “stuff” is so good. Can touch 96-97 with the fastball, his changeup is excellent, and now is toying with a slider in 2019. Can be inconsistent, and has some freak accidents which has hurt him in his development. Could be a breakout star for the Sox in 2019.


RF: Mookie Betts – MVP, MVP, MVP chants were heard throughout Fenway in 2018. Betts can very well be the solid #2 as the second best baseball player in the league (Trout). Gold Glove defense, Silver Slugger at the plate, a legitimate 5 tool player.

CF: Jackie Bradley Jr. – JBJ they call him, is my pick to be the breakout player of the year for the Red Sox. Reports have come out that he met with Craig Wallenbrock to overhaul his entire swing. Wallenbrock, the hitting coach who helped turn JD Martinez’s career around, Jackie went on the record saying that he has been doing everything wrong, and is very grateful he has gotten where he is today with that swing. Being a top 3 defender, if he can get his swing going, he can be an MVP type player alongside Mookie.

LF: Andrew Benintendi – Benintendi is a solid role player. Cora has said that this year, Mookie will be hitting second in the lineup, pushing Benintendi to the leadoff spot.

RF/DH: JD Martinez – A few years back, JD might have won the MVP in 2018. Leading MLB in RBI (130) and Total Bases (358), and having 43 HR, you could very well say that he had the best offensive season in baseball for 2018. Playing DH for 2/3 of his games hurt his case, but it’s hard to argue the difference JD made in his first season in Boston.


  1. Mitch Moreland
  2. Steve Pearce
  3. Dustin Pedroia
  4. Xander Bogaerts
  5. Rafael Devers
  6. Brock Holt
  7. Eduardo Nunez
  8. Christian Vazquez
  9. Blake Swihart
  10. Sandy Leon


  1. Matt Barnes
  2. Ryan Braiser
  3. Thornberg
  4. Brandon Workman
  5. Heath Hembree
  6. Colten Brewer

On the Bubble

  1. Tzu-Wei Lin
  2. Marco Hernandez
  3. Bobby Poyner
  4. Sam Travis

Prospects That could see time in the majors

  1. Sam Travis
  2. Josh Taylor
  3. Travis Lakins
  4. Michael Chavis
  5. Mike Shawaryn
  6. Darwinson Hernandez
  7. Durbin Feltman